Our Services

Comprehensive Program

Students may enroll as early as their freshman year of high school. Many join us in 10th grade or the beginning of 11th grade. An early start ensures that students take advantage of many opportunities to explore their college options, and all that we have to offer.

The initial meeting includes a discussion of what colleges are looking for in their applicants, a thorough review of the student's transcript and grades, and standardized (SAT and ACT) tests already taken and planned.

  • It's important to know our students well, so we spend considerable time discussing in-school and extra-curricular interests.
  • We advise on curriculum choices for the upcoming semester or school year.
  • We prepare an individualized schedule for future standardized tests and advise on test preparation options.

As students move through the process, we meet as often as is appropriate for the individual student. There are no limits on meetings, phone calls, emails or texts.

After the initial meeting we research and prepare a list of colleges and universities for the student to investigate. Based on the student's own research and college visits, the list is likely to be revised numerous times before it is finalized at the beginning of senior year.

It's important for students to participate in worthwhile and rewarding summer activities according to their interests, so we do extensive research on a wide range of summer options.

Parents of 11th graders attend our spring Junior Parent Meeting for updates on the latest developments in the college admissions landscape. We preview what to expect in the upcoming college application "season."

Writing college application essays can be daunting for many high school seniors, so our essay and application workshop weekends held the summer before senior year smooth the way. We follow up with one-on-one feedback for multiple essay drafts and short answer questions. We show students how to build their whole application, so that the final document is a positive reflection of their unique character and individual accomplishments.

In spring of senior year we are available to advise students making their final college selection. It's especially rewarding to us that students often choose to stay in touch with us during their freshman year in college and beyond.

Single Session Option

This is a comprehensive overview of the college search and application process in one session. The session includes transcript and curriculum review, a personalized standardized testing timetable, activities review and a list of possible college choices.